Why First Priority Capital

Experience you can trust!

With over 25 years of experience and thousands of closed loans we know how to find you the right mortgage

Easier and Faster

Our Technology is designed to complete a transaction fast and completely online


Through phone, text, or email, we will keep you and all interested parities up to date every step of the way

Online Rate Quotes

First Priority Capital instantly searches our lender network and matches you with the lowest rate

Close On Time

Our "Whatever it Takes" Team Follow Up System. We close loans FAST! Less than 30 days

Borrower First

We consistently beat our competitor's rates and fees when doing an apples to apples comparison. This is why we are one of the few lenders willing to be transparent 24/7 in what we can offer our clients.

Apply today!

First Priority Capital offers a large network of wholesale lenders for comparison on pricing, execution and service. Our compensation is paid directly by the wholesale lender selected, all at the same margin, making true comparison relevant and transparent. When lenders compete for business it gives our clients a significant advantage on pricing, program offerings and speed.


Contact us today at info@fpcloans.com

Your home is one call away. We will get back to you immediately.


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